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Dai Mahou Touge

(Magical Witch Punie-chan)

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Přidáno Díl Název dílu Jazyk Verze Originální název Skupina nebo překladatel Přeložil Korektor Časoval TITULKY
26.08.20101.(01) Miracle Rod brings Terror to the School Festival?! The Episode where Magical Princess Punie Arrives! / (02) The Crazy and Cute Mascot. The Episode where Paya-tan Arrives!CZE-D[BFS]Dai Mahou Touge-001.ass102MaedhrosSayokoMaedhrosSTÁHNOUT
26.08.20102.(03) Holy Crap! Decisive Battle of Breakfast?! If You Don`t Cry You`ll Be Killed, Cuckoo-san!! / (04) Awww, So Cute! Did You Know There`s a 1/120 Chance of Giving Birth to Twins?CZE-D[BFS]Dai Mahou Touge-002.ass102MaedhrosSayokoMaedhrosSTÁHNOUT
26.08.20103.(05) So Only Test Scores Measure the Worth of a Human Being? There`s No Way I`m Worth 0 Points. Really./You had swept your bangs back for the first time/when I saw you under the apple tree/The flower-comb in your hair/I thought your were a flower too...CZE-D[BFS]Dai Mahou Touge-003.ass102MaedhrosSayokoMaedhrosSTÁHNOUT
26.08.20104.(07) What Does my Involvement Mean if it be Only Tepid? / (08) It Can`t always be like it is now, becoming an adult is kinda scaryCZE-D[BFS]Dai Mahou Touge-004.ass102MaedhrosSayokoMaedhrosSTÁHNOUT